We are Secular Franciscans    Welcome!!!

We are Secular Franciscans living in the desert of Las Vegas, Nevada.   We are so happy that you have found us.  We are a member of the Saint Thomas More Region which covers southern Nevada and Arizona.
Our Mission Statement: We live the gospel way of life, following in the footsteps of Francis and Clare, touching the world with our blessings, talents, and faith.  We give from what we have to those who have less.  We bring hope and love to the hopeless and unloved.  We interact with the world with humility, charity and grace.  We pray for the needs of our community and the world, while giving thanks and praise to God, following the guidelines set forth by our regional, national and international leadership.  We live and teach by example.  We follow our beloved Francis by preaching the Gospel at all times and when necessary, we use words.  Our profession is a grace and gift of the Holy Spirit.